Welcome !!!

Hello, and welcome to the blog that allows you to get sign-up bonuses for trying new checking and savings accounts, reward programs, and other things. With many financial institutions experiencing a decrease in profits during slower economic times, banks are eager to attract new customers and they are willing to pay them for the loyalty. And instead of just offering free pens when you sign up for a new account, some banks are raising the stakes with cold hard cash. Why not take advantage of it?

How does it work? It’s a very fast and simple process. In my posts, you will find referral links provided to me by the banks or other institutes. When you click on the link, you get transferred to the website of that institute, where you complete your application. Once you become their customer and satisfy other criteria mentioned in the offer, both me and you get paid. I get my referral fee, and you get your bonus. It’s all simple.

How secure is it? It’s just as secure as if you enter the bank’s web address directly in the browser. I don’t collect any of your personal information. And, in fact, I don’t collect any information at all. When you click on the sign-up link, you get transferred to the webpage of the bank or other institution. Once you do that, all information you provide in your application is strictly the business between you and that bank.

So thank you, welcome again, and let’s do business!